The average home power bill is at least three hundred dollars per month. Since energy providers are only increasing their rates as time goes on, the average bill is only going to increase. The increase in energy prices is due in part to inflation, but it’s also due to the fact that many homeowners are finding ways to use less energy. With green appliances, homeowners are able to cut their monthly energy costs considerably. Newer models of appliances are being introduced constantly, and each new model is more efficient than the last.

Water heaters consume huge amounts of power throughout the year because they run constantly. Setting the water heater at a slightly lower temperature will help reduce the amount of energy being used by a small amount per month, adding up to quite a bit of savings over the course of the year. Replacing older water heaters with newer and more efficient models will save hundreds.

Air conditioners are the most expensive appliance in the home. They consume huge amounts of energy during each hour of use and they are operated throughout the majority of the year. If the unit is a reverse cycle model it will also be used during the Winter to heat the home. Setting the thermostat to a warmer temperature in the Summer and Cooler in the Winter will help save small amounts of money. It’s also important that the entire heating and cooling system is well-maintained so it will operate more efficiently. The best way to save money is to switch to a more efficient model. Newer models cost a fraction of what older models do to operate. However, they work just as well since they are just as powerful.

There are many different appliances homeowners use on a regular basis. Hanging on to older appliances simply because buying a new one would be too expensive may actually be costing more than it would to replace the unit. Newer appliances can be financed, so the upfront cost would be manageable. Best of all, the energy savings would more than make up for the cost of the appliance in the first year or so.