ABCs in Constructing Your Home Solar Hot Water Heater

It is sad to note that despite the importance of our water heaters, it is not energy efficient and it is uses significant amount of energy than the rest of your household and electrical gadgets and devices combined? Are you searching for ways to reduce your electricity consumption? Should you be one of these men and women, then the best method to conserve energy in using water heaters is to construct your own solar hot water heater. How can you do it? To know more about it, then you are advised to continue reading this article.

Why Use Solar Energy in Powering Water Heaters?

Solar energy is used to power water heaters because it is not only cost effective but it is also proven to the one of the cleanest source of renewable energy at present. For the reason that solar energy is considered one of the cleanest sources of renewable energy and it does not produce carbon dioxide, you can protect Mother Nature in your own little way.

Researchers found that solar hot water heater has the capability of reducing your heating costs by around 50%. So, should you be searching for effectual method to reduce your monthly electricity bill, then you can consider constructing your own solar water heater. Undoubtedly, solar water heating is considered the most cost effective way of lowering electricity bill. Well,going green is deemed as the surest and the most effective way of saving money. Detailed below are guidelines on how you can construct your own solar-powered water heater.

Knowing How the Solar Hot Water Heater Works

The heater comprises of a water tank and heating coil. Actually, the water inside the tank is pre-heated by simply trapping the rays of the sun using the heating coil. Once the water is heated, it then passively flows to your water pipes and to where the water is needed like the kitchen or the bathroom.

How to Construct Solar Hot Water Heater?

1. The first thing that you need to do is to construct a box. You can use 2x4s durable plywood or particle board for the box’s frame and exterior. It is suggested that you build a box that is suitable enough in containing your full-size water heater. You are advised to construct a box measuring approximately seven feet long, four feet wide and five feet tall. It is also suggested that you construct and place the box at 30-degree angle so as to collect enough amount of sunlight from the sun.

2. Make sure to insulate your water heater’s interior areas with the use of strong insulation materials.

3. It is also needed that you install reflective material above the insulation material with the use of roofing galvanize tin. You are advised to shape and to form the reflective material like a huge metal cradle and do not forget to secure the edges and sides with the use of nails of staples. This huge reflective curved tin will catch the sun’s rays and pass it to your water heater.

4. Be sure to place the water heater inside the gigantic box and don’t forget to cut holes to serve as the heater’s blow-out nozzle.

5. Be sure to cover the box using outdoor-grade glass. You should secure the sides of the box by placing sturdy wood sealant on it.

6. Be sure to connect the solar-powered water heater to the water heater inside your house.