Are you looking for a great place to visit for your short vacation? if the answer is yes, then you can try to visit Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra Province in Indonesia. This city has a lot of interesting tourist attractions, particularly for culinary and cultural trip. If you want to know more about Medan attractions, you can read on the paragraph below.

In this paragraph, we will give the list of some of the best activities in Medan you can do during your vacation in this city.

  • Exploring Rahmat Gallery: this art gallery can be considered as one among Medan’s quirkiest attractions. It is surely a great place to visit for those who look for a unique trip. This gallery becomes a remarkable place to visit thanks to its various preserved animals, which is also a good feature for educational trip, especially if you want to learn about taxidermy. You can also learn about the wide variety of original species in Indonesia that you cannot find it anywhere. After a trip to this gallery, you will sure be more knowledgeable about Indonesia.
  • Eating at Merdeka Walk: Medan is a popular city for culinary trip. However, if you have no clue where to eat, especially at night, you can just go to Merdeka Walk. This area is basically a stroll filled with various stalls and restaurants selling various types of cuisine in the middle of the city. You can try various foods at once, and this place can be considered the best place for those who travel in a large group as you can order different foods from different stalls at once. Several menus include toothsome desserts, fresh juices, curries, rice, soups, and noodles.
  • Going to Vihara Maha Maitreya: this vihara is one among the biggest Buddhist vihara in Indonesia. Both worshippers and visitors are welcomed to this vihara. Its gorgeous architecture make it worth to be captured by your camera, especially if you are a photography enthusiast. It can be considered as one of Medan’s main religious attractions. There are pretty pools within the vihara where you can take a memorable picture. There is also a vegetarian canteen that you can try if you visit the vihara during lunch time.
  • Wandering around the Kampung Keling: you may mistake yourself to be in India if you visit this area. There are a lot of shops in this area that sell Indian jewelry and colorful saris for souvenirs. You can also have a culinary trip in this area with its various Indian restaurants that serve conventional Indian cuisine. You can also go to Sri Mariamman Temple, a temple constructed in 1884, which boast a wonderful color mix. The ornate carvings on this temple are something that you cannot find in Medan anywhere else in Medan.

Beside all the activities mentioned above, there are still many interesting things to do while traveling to Medan, especially for culinary and cultural trip. Make sure to prepare everything beforehand, especially if you plan to go on vacation without using any tour providers.